Ep. 58: Blur vs OpenSea: Royalty Warfare
Floorcast - The NFT PodcastFebruary 22, 2023x
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Ep. 58: Blur vs OpenSea: Royalty Warfare

Discussed in this Episode:

- Blur vs OpenSea: Royalty warfare

- Wash trading, airdrops & friction

- Will this lead to fracturing in the marketplaces?

- Token standards & on-chain enforcement

- Proof conference cancellation & Kevin Rose

- How do you drive value back to holders?

- fRiENDSiES: Rug or not?

- Latest from Floor!

- Square Enix launch blockchain game on Polygon!

- NBA streaming app enables anyone to dunk...

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- Pet Berisha, Award-winning podcast creator

- Corwin, Community @ Floor

- Curtis Cummings, Developer @ Floor

- Chris K, Co-Founder @ MadeWithMason

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