Ep. 61: The Worst Floorcast Ever
Floorcast - The NFT PodcastMarch 08, 2023x
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Ep. 61: The Worst Floorcast Ever

Discussed in this Episode:

- Starbucks Odyssey: An experiment gone wrong?

- The loyalty experience & onboarding users

- Spotify & token gating

- Amazon NFT marketplaces: Linking physical & digital

- What items will have NFTs attached to them?

- Latest from Floor!

- Yuga make $15M from Twelvefold

- Bitcoin NFTs

- Dookey Dash key sells for $1.6M & NFT gaming

- Idiot's guide to ERC-4337

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- Chris Maddern, Founder of Floor NFTs App

- Pet Berisha, Award-winning podcast creator

- Corwin, Community @ Floor

- Curtis Cummings, Developer @ Floor

- Chris K, Co-Founder @ MadeWithMason

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